PT. PARCHAINDO UTAMA established in 1995 in Jakarta, with the aim to participate in efforts to educate the nation through the provision of educational equipment including language and computer labs, multimedia laboratories, audio visual equipment, and typewriters. At first PT. PARCHAINDO UTAMA moves as a provider of office supplies and language laboratories at various educational institutions and government agencies such as the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs.

Along with increasing experience and confidence given by the consumer as well as the commitment and hard work endlessly, then PT. PARCHAINDO MAIN developed into one of the market leaders in the advancement of education in Indonesia. With the development of technology and the increasing need for technology in education, then in 2000 PT. PARCHAINDO UTAMA establish itself as a leading service provider to add lines of business in the field of school education supplies products based on multimedia and IT with the quality of high quality.

In 2004, PT PARCHAINDO MAIN synergy with the Korean company, CEN KOREA Co., Ltd. and Taiwan companies, Tekeye Group to develop a software package and computer language laboratory for education. From the results of this collaboration PT. PARCHAINDO UTAMA managed to create local assembly language laboratory products at competitive prices, the development continues to be refined until today. Local products complements the products and services PT. PARCHAINDO UTAMA that are trusted and distributed throughout Indonesia.

With based on the spirit 'FORWARD TOGETHER IN EDUCATION', PT. PARCHAINDO UTAMA continue to struggle to achieve our vision, which is:
  • Being a leading company in providing the best and latest equipment in the field of education.
  • Develop products and services that are up to date in accordance with the latest developments of technological education equipment in order to join the national educational movement.
Currently some of our partners in providing solutions are:

Dr. Wicom Co., LTD,
is a Korean company engaged in the language laboratory, and has implemented more than 10,000 language laboratory language laboratory system in universities, schools, companies and government offices.

Onic from Tekeye Group,
a Taiwanese manufacturer of Language Laboratory that already has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FCC Certificated.

is a company based in Germany, provides a wide range of needs and the Multimedia Language Laboratory can be used in schools, universities and in the Company's internal training.
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PT. Parchaindo Utama Memberikan Garansi Spare Part dan Service kepada setiap produk laboratorium bahasa yang kami sediakan, silahkan menghubungi kami untuk keterangan lebih lanjut.